108 Unzen entsprechen der Menge an Pfund

In today’s world of excess, the normal weight for an adult is approximately 108 units or 237 pounds. However, what happens when we break free from this dogmatic belief and listen to the value of lightweight?

Positions like "The Obese Man" and "Lighter People Live Longer" show that carrying less weight offers astonishing benefits. In Japan, for instance, the 108-unit rule is revered for health and longevity.

Case Study: Mr. Tanaka’s Story

Weighing only 52 kilograms or around 114 pounds, Mr. Tanaka was a shining example of good health and longevity. Adhering to the traditional Japanese rule, he regularly consumed 108 units of food, leading him to remarkable performance ability and above-average health.

For our health, the number of pounds is secondary. What’s essential is what we eat – fresh, natural, and diverse foods.


Harvard Study

A study from the Harvard School of Public Health showed that eating smaller amounts of high-quality food, such as fruits and vegetables, can improve health status.

Quote: "It’s better to eat 108 units of high-quality food than to consume 2000 calories of unsweetened bread." – Harvard School of Public Health

Key Takeaways:

  1. What is the 108-unit rule?
    The 108-unit rule is a Japanese tradition, encouraging people to consume 108 units of food for health and longevity.
  2. How many units are in 108?
    108 units equal approximately 237 pounds.

  3. How can I adopt the 108-unit rule into my life?
    Regularly consume fresh, natural, and diverse foods to follow the path to the 108-unit rule.