Candy Crush Level 184, wie man besteht


Candy Crush Level 184 is a significant challenge for many players, even for experts. In this article, I share my experience and tips on how to overcome Candy Crush Level 184.


Firstly, let’s analyze the level design: The level is filled with snow and hidden candies. The objective is to obtain all ingredient pieces to create a candy combination with a chocolate strip.

Personal Experience:

I still remember how long it took me to pass Level 184. I had to keep trying different combinations.

Eventually, I learned some strategies:

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Use combo bombs and jelly fish to quickly eliminate broken ice blocks!
  2. Try to group all ingredient pieces together for better combinations.
  3. Utilize corners to free trapped candies and create new possibilities.

Expert Opinion:, the game developer, advises: "Try to group all ingredient pieces together for better combinations."


  1. What are the best combinations for Level 184?
    • There’s no definitive answer as different strategies and solutions exist. Experiment with individual combinations to find what works best for you!
  2. How long does it typically take to pass Level 184?
    • The time varies depending on your playing style and Candy Crush experience. Some players can pass this level in a few attempts, while others may take longer.
  3. What’s the best way to eliminate all ingredients?
    • There’s no definitive answer as the most effective methods depend on the level design and your playing style.