Checking Your MTN Phone Number: A Simple and Personal Way to Ensure Calls Are Yours

If you ever find yourself wondering what your last caller’s number was or questioning unknown calls, MTN offers a new feature allowing you to personally and easily check your phone number. In this article, learn how to verify your MTN phone number and the importance of doing so.

Why Check Your MTN Phone Number?

Receive unwanted calls or forget your own number
Ensure all calls belong to you and avoid unnecessary charges

How to Check Your MTN Phone Number:

  1. Log in to the MTN App or website with your personal details.
  2. Navigate to "My Services" and click on "My Phone Number."
  3. Verify your exact MTN phone number and compare it with your contact list.

If Incorrect, Contact Provider Support:

Report incorrect or outdated numbers
Receive guidance in correcting them for accurate billing and communication.


  1. How often can I check my MTN phone number?
    You can check your MTN phone number anytime by logging into the App or website.
  2. How long does it take to receive a corrected MTN phone number?
    The process takes only a few minutes for correction and updates.
  3. What happens when a wrong number is changed?
    Once you input the correct number, the old number is deactivated automatically.