Die Mönche, wie es jetzt geht

In today’s fast-paced world, monastic practices of meditation and technology are experiencing a resurgence among monasteries. Monks lead active and productive lives, and to meet the demands, they increasingly turn to meditation and technology. Brother Markus, Abbot of the Cistercian Abbey in Obergeising, explains that meditation "helps us view our daily routine calmly and clearly." Similarly, monks use technology to maintain connections with the outside world and streamline their spiritual work. They employ smartphones, tablets, and apps for reading texts and accessing meditation tools. According to Brother Stefan from the Benedictine Abbey in Regensburg, they utilize technology "to complete our tasks more efficiently, allowing us more time for essential things." Old monastic ways are still effective as monks of today adapt their traditions to modern conditions by combining the serene contemplative lifestyle with advanced techniques. The trends among monks demonstrate how we can adapt to changing times while nurturing spiritual growth.

Q: What technologies do monks use in monasteries?

A: Monks use smartphones, tablets, and apps for efficient work and meditation practices.

Q: Why are monks practicing meditation again?

A: Monks engage in meditation to find more calmness and clarity in their daily routines.

Q: How have monks adapted their lifestyle?

A: Monks combine the traditional serene contemplative lifestyle with modern techniques, making their traditions relevant in contemporary conditions.