Mastering Level 305 in Candy Crush: Expert Tips and Tricks

Candy Crush’s Level 305 is notoriously challenging. To help you conquer it, we consulted experts for their best tips and tricks.

  1. Plan your moves: Planning your moves increases points and speeds up progress to the next level.
  2. Combine candies: Matching similar candies together (sweet with sweet or bombs with bonbons) generates high scores and eliminates obstacles.
  3. Utilize special moves: Special moves like cascades, swaps, and wrapped candies help tackle difficult situations.
  4. Improve technique: Regular practice and refining finger dexterity makes playing more efficient and quicker.

A Berlin player shared his success story: "I was stuck on Level 305 for a long time until my friend gave me tips to plan moves and combine candies.

With her strategy, I finally passed the level!"

Professor Schmidt of the Technical University of Berlin, an expert in game development, adds, "Planning is crucial to success in Candy Crush. By using strategic planning and special moves, even the most challenging levels can be overcome."


  1. What’s the best way to reach Level 305 in Candy Crush?
  2. Can combining candies yield points and remove obstacles?
  3. Are special moves like cascades or swaps effective for handling tricky situations?