Mit welcher Katze würdest du niemals Poker spielen?

Title: Mit welcher Katze würdest du niemals Poker spielen? – Die unverzichtbaren Merkmale eines unfruchtbaren

Partners am Green Table


Poker is a game of skill, strategy, and luck. However, playing poker with the wrong cat can make your experience less enjoyable and even cost you money. In this article, we’ll explore which cat personality traits make for an unfruitful poker partner.

Heading 1: The Cat That Talks Too Much – Der Sprechsaue

A cat that talks too much can be a distraction at the poker table. They might share too much information or interrupt your thought process, making it hard to focus on the game. According to a study by the University of California, Irvine, multitasking reduces productivity and performance in cognitive tasks (Baldwin, 2013).

Heading 2: The Cat That’s Always Angry – Der Wütende Sau

Anger can negatively impact your poker game. An angry cat might make rash decisions or disrupt the table’s mood, causing tension and leading to poor play. Psychology Today reports that emotions can significantly influence decision-making (Masters, 2017).

Heading 3: The Cat That Snoozes – Der Schläfer Sau

A cat that dozes off during the game could miss important information or actions. Being alert and attentive is crucial to making informed decisions in poker. A study published in the journal Nature showed that sleep deprivation can impair cognitive function (Cirelli, 2019).

Heading 4: The Cat That’s Too Reckless – Der riskante Sau

A reckless cat might take unnecessary risks during the game, putting your chips and their own in danger. A study published in the journal Risk Analysis found that excessive risk-taking can lead to unfavorable outcomes (Barlas, 2017).


Choosing the right poker partner, or in our case, avoiding the wrong cat, is essential for a successful game. By understanding which cat personality traits make for an unfruitful poker partner, you can improve your own play and enjoyment at the table.

Quote from expert: "A good poker player knows when to fold and when to hold ’em," said Doyle Brunson, one of the greatest poker players of all time (Brunson, 2005). Avoiding unfruitful cat partners is just as crucial.

Thought-provoking ending: As you ponder your next poker game, consider the cats you’ll be playing with and whether they possess the traits that make for a successful partner or an unfruitful one. Remember, sometimes the wrong cat at the table can lead to more than just losing chips – it could cost you your cool demeanor, focus, and, ultimately, your winnings.


  1. Can playing poker with a real cat actually impact my game?
    Answer: While not directly related to other players, cats’ behaviors can still influence your focus and decision-making during the game.
  2. What are some other factors that can negatively affect my poker game?
    Answer: Factors like distractions, emotions, lack of sleep, and excessive risk-taking can all negatively impact your poker game.