Nicht jeder Mensch weiß, wie man einen Hund liebt

A special bond exists between humans and dogs, but what draws us to these animals? Unknown scientists [1] unravel the mystery of canine bonding. Having a dog brings numerous emotional benefits. They help reduce stress and anxiety [2], increase social contact [3], and enhance overall health [4].

In therapeutic contexts, dogs play an essential role as therapists. For instance, Helping Paws’ therapeutic riding program brings children with disabilities into contact with therapy animals to foster their development [5].

Famous stories of human-dog relationships showcase the profound impact they can have on individuals. One example is Balto and the Iditarod Huskies [6], and another is Leo, the rescue dog [7]. Research confirms the positive effects of pet ownership, such as slower heartbeats indicating feelings of safety and well-being [8].


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