“Samsung Omnia 2: A Mobile Phone with Extraordinary Performance”

The new Samsung Omnia 2 boasts superior performance with a faster processor that consumes half the energy and delivers double the performance of its predecessor [1]. The camera system offers exceptional photo quality as shown in the following image examples:

Samsung Omnia 2 Sample Photos

The new battery system lasts significantly longer than its predecessor, as indicated in the comparison table below:

| | Samsung Omnia 1 | Samsung Omnia 2 |


| Standby | 8 hours | 14 hours |

| Calling Time | 5 hours | 7 hours |

| Internet | 4 hours | 6 hours |

Prof. Dr. Markus Müller, digital technology expert, states, "The new Samsung Omnia 2 is a real marvel of a device. It offers extraordinary performance, exceptional photo quality, and the battery lasts significantly longer than its predecessor" [2].

In conclusion, with the new Samsung Omnia 2, we have a device that leaves us in awe with its magical performance. It’s faster than ever before, has remarkable photo quality, and the battery life is extended compared to its predecessor.

[1] Source: Internal source, Samsung Electronics Germany

[2] Source: Interview with Prof. Dr.