Savoring Unique Taste Experiences with Traditional Vietnamese Coffee Ritual, Ca Nuong Da Don

Ca Nuong Da Don, a traditional Vietnamese coffee ritual, offers unique taste experiences and a glimpse into Vietnamese culture. Dating back to the 19th century, this brewing method combines French and local ingredients for an intense aroma and subtle coffee flavor.

Made from roasted Vietnamese coffee beans with added spices, Ca Nuong Da Don is not like typical espresso or filter coffee. The process includes grinding beans, soaking them in a Phin-Filter with hot water, and reducing acidity and bitterness for an enjoyable experience.

To make Ca Nuong Da Don:

  1. Choose freshly roasted Vietnamese coffee beans.
  2. Grind them finely using a mortar or grinder.
  3. Fill the Phin-Filter with ground coffee and rinse it.

  4. Heat water to 93°C and let stand for a minute, then discard this water.
  5. Fill the filter again with hot water and let the coffee steep until desired flavor is reached.

Enjoy the unforgettable taste experience of Ca Nuong Da Don using traditional round Phin pots while the steam rises above the coffee. Specialists recommend Robusta or Liberica beans, and although it can be enjoyed with milk, this may diminish its aroma and flavor.