So entfernen Sie den Saugnapf vom Glas

Discover how removing the rim from your glass can enhance your vision and boost your health. here’s why and how.

Why Remove the Rim?

The rim on glasses is the moisture-collecting area above them, which you touch with your mouth to drink. Research indicates that this region harbors bacteria detrimental to your health (University of California, Berkeley).

Impact on Health

Contact with the rim can increase oral bacteria in your mouth. Minimizing contact by drinking without the rim improves overall health (source: University of California, Berkeley).

How to Remove the Rim

Easily remove the rim from your glass by gently blowing after drinking or eating between sips. Alternatively, use a rim-remover gadget that gives glasses rounded edges and reduces mouth contact (optional).

Benefits of Removing the Rim

By removing the rim, you can enjoy clearer vision and better health.

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  1. Is the Rim harmful to my health?
    Yes, research suggests that contact with the rim increases oral bacteria in your mouth.
  2. How do I drink from a glass without the Rim?
    Blow after drinking or eat between sips to minimize glass contact. Alternatively, use a rim-remover device.
  3. Frequency of Rim Removal
    It’s recommended to remove the rim after each drink or meal.