So entfernen Sie die Schallwand vom Akrapovic-Auspuff

Title: Experience the Difference: Removing Sound Insulation from Akrapovic Exhausts – Unleashing Power and Richer Exhaust Notes


Motor sports enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the ultimate exhaust system to enhance their vehicle’s performance and driving experience. Akrapovic, a renowned name in the automotive industry, has long been a top choice due to its high-quality and innovative exhaust components. However, have you considered removing the sound insulation from your Akrapovic exhaust? Let’s delve deeper into this topic and explore the function, benefits, real-life examples, expert opinions, and the potential risks.

Function and Benefits:

First, let us understand what sound insulation is and why it can be removed from an Akrapovic exhaust. Sound insulation is a material added to the exhaust system specifically designed to reduce unwanted exhaust noise. By removing this component, we unlock several benefits. The most significant advantages are power gains and improved sound quality. The exact power gain varies depending on the specific model and engine but can reach up to 5 horsepower in some cases.

Real-life Examples:

Akrapovic exhaust owners have reported an increase in engine response, a more distinctive exhaust note, and a sensation of raw power once they’ve removed the sound insulation. These improvements can significantly enhance driving experience. Additionally, lab tests confirm the power gains mentioned earlier, making this modification an attractive option for those looking to extract every bit of performance from their vehicle.

Expert Opinions:

Acoustic experts agree that removing sound insulation enhances the exhaust note’s richness and complexity. Laboratory experiments further validate these findings. The absence of sound insulation allows the exhaust gases to flow freely, which can result in a more powerful and unique exhaust note.


Whether or not to remove sound insulation from an Akrapovic exhaust is ultimately a personal decision. It’s crucial to ensure that local regulations permit such modifications before implementing them. While the increase in cabin noise might be undesirable for some, it can add to the overall driving experience for others. The power improvement and distinctive exhaust note are significant advantages of removing sound insulation from an Akrapovic exhaust. Keep in mind that this modification does not pose any inherent risks if done correctly but may require additional maintenance due to the increased exposure to exhaust gases.