So erstellen Sie den Undo-Tablespace in Oracle 11g neu

Oracle 11g introduces a new feature called Undo-Tablespace, which is an automatic and manageable tablespace for Rollback segments.

This space enhances Oracle database performance in several ways:

  1. Space Savings: The new Undo-Tablespace eliminates the need for temporary tables used in rollbacks, leading to better database optimization.
  2. Improved Parallelism: Transactions can now be executed parallelly due to this new tablespace, increasing your database’s performance.

  3. Enhanced Security: Rollback segments are directly stored in the Undo-Tablespace instead of temporary tables, improving overall data security.
  4. Real-life Example: In a large bank transaction that faces a hardware failure causing a database lock, the automatic storage of rollback segments in the new Undo-Tablespace enables you to undo the transaction and prevent costly data loss.
  5. Future Developments: Oracle’s introduction of the Undo-Tablespace marks the beginning of improvements for your database’s efficiency and security; future versions are expected to bring more innovations.
  6. FAQs:
    • To activate the new Tablespace, modify a simple configuration in the Database parameter file. Refer to Oracle documentation for further details.
    • The exact storage requirement depends on your specific database and transaction load. We recommend analyzing your environment carefully.
    • Yes, you can continue using the old tablespace if not ready to migrate. However, planning and executing the migration is advisable for utilizing the benefits of the new tablespace.