So reinigen Sie Hurrikan-Fenster

Germany has seen an uptick in extreme weather events, necessitating home preparations. This article focuses on hurricane windows’ role in safeguarding homes from storms and their growing popularity.

Hurricane Wilma (2005) introduced us to hurricane windows, now mandated for new constructions and extensive renovations along the coast due to the Disaster Protection Act. These windows offer robust protection against storms with wind speeds up to 178 mph (286 km/h).

Initially unknown and costly, hurricane windows are now commonplace and affordably priced. Research confirms their efficacy. In coastal US areas like Florida, they’re standard due to their storm and sunlight shielding benefits.

An expert emphasizes that hurricane windows represent a valuable, long-lasting investment in securing our homes against extreme weather events. As climate patterns evolve, enhancing our homes with future-proof measures such as hurricane windows is essential.

Q: What are hurricane windows?

A: Specialized windows designed to shield against high wind speeds and storms.

Q: How much do hurricane windows cost?

A: Prices have decreased significantly, varying by size and design.

Q: Do hurricane windows also guard against sunlight and heat?

YES: They offer additional protection from both.

Q: How long do hurricane windows last?

They’re durable investments, capable of operating efficiently for over 30 years.