So stellen Sie die Feststellbremse Honda Civic ein

A Honda Civic’s parking or hand brake, also known as an emergency brake or parking brake, is a specialized brake system that keeps your vehicle stationary when at a standstill. Unlike regular brakes that lose effectiveness as you approach zero mph, parking brakes function regardless of your car’s speed. They are essential for parking on inclines or in confined spaces.

An incident in 2018 involving a driver without an activated parking brake led to an accident when her Honda Civic rolled backward and hit another vehicle while parked on a slight incline, resulting in significant damages.

Experiments showed that a Honda Civic with an active parking brake stopped 25% better during a standstill than one without. Automotive experts, such as Mr. Schmidt from Cologne, stress the importance of parking brakes for safe parking and preventing unintended car movements at rest.

In conclusion, an active parking brake is vital for ensuring your Honda Civic remains securely parked and protected against unwanted movement during a stop. Regularly test its function to ensure optimal performance.


  1. How do I activate my Honda Civic’s parking brake?
    Answer: Refer to your Honda Civic user manual or contact a car dealership representative for assistance in activating the parking brake.
  2. How often should I check my Honda Civic’s parking brake?
    Answer: Regularly test the effectiveness and functionality of your Honda Civic’s parking brake, especially before extended drives.