So tragen Sie die Wettkampffarbe Pro Tan über Nacht auf

A competition day requires extensive skin preparation for perfect presentation. But what if you could simplify the process and prepare overnight with Pro Tan? In this article, discover how to utilize this secret and make your day unforgettable.


  1. Thoroughly wash and dry your skin before applying Pro Tan.
  2. Remove impurities and fat residues, and consider a gentle peeling.


  1. Apply a good amount of Pro Tan evenly on your skin.
  2. Massage it well for distribution and let it cool and dry overnight.


Wake up to a perfect base for makeup or competition makeup, with an even skin tone and sun protection.

**Expert Opinion:**

Professional Makeup Artist John Doe shares that Pro Tan is suitable for beginners as well: "It assists you in performing crucial skin preparation steps and making your day memorable."


  1. What is Pro Tan and what does it offer me? – Pro Tan is a self-tanner that gives your skin an even tone and protects it from the sun.

  2. How often should I wear Pro Tan to achieve the best results? – It’s recommended to apply it at least two days before a competition day.
  3. Can I use Pro Tan on all parts of my body? – Yes, you can apply it to your face and the rest of your body skin.