So verhindern Sie, dass die Federboa ausfällt

The Fiddle-leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata) is not only appreciated for its unusual appearance but also for its air-purifying properties in our homes. To keep it shining and produce flowers, regular care is necessary. Here are some tips and expert insights for maintaining your Fiddle-leaf Fig:

  1. Light: Fiddle-leaf Figs thrive in bright, filtered light, avoiding direct sunlight on their leaves. Place them in a bright room with filtered sunlight or near east or west windows.

  2. Moisture: They require moisture but not excess water. Spray weekly with a misting spray and let it soak overnight in a humidity tray. Try reducing moisture to observe leaf color changes.
  3. Soil: They need good soil with adequate drainage. Use a drainage system or a saucer to remove excess water. "A good soil is essential to keep the roots of the Fiddle-leaf Fig in a moist and acidic environment." [1]
  4. Maintenance: Regularly remove dead leaves and old flowers to maintain a healthy plant. "Regular pruning keeps your Fiddle-leaf Fig fresh and vibrant." [2]
  5. "Fiddle-thorns": These are not pests but young leaves developing on the plant. "The ‘Fiddle-thorns’ are a natural part of the growth process of the Fiddle-leaf Fig." [3]

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