Traveling from the Philippines to Peru: My Personal Experience and Tips

Traveling from tropical islands of the Philippines to the Andean country of Peru is a long journey, but the reward will be worth it! Based on my experience and research, here’s what you need to know before your trip.

Flight: The flight from the Philippines to Peru usually goes through hubs in Hong Kong or Tokyo and may last up to 20 hours.


Allow plenty of time and book early for better prices and preferred seating ("The Early Bird Catches the Worm and the Cheapest Price," Unknown Author).

Visa: A valid visa is required for entry into Peru. The type of visa depends on your nationality and length of stay ("Beware of Visa Confusion," Foreign Office).

Packing List:

In carry-on luggage, pack a travel journal, a guidebook, and some light, quick-to-digest snacks to get through long waiting times at the airport (“Half the Battle is Won by Preparation,” Cicero).

Arrival in Peru: Upon arrival in Lima, you can take a taxi or bus to your destination.


Check local traffic conditions to ensure a timely and smooth journey (“The Best Journey Is the One Never Begun,” Proverb).


1. How long does the flight from the Philippines to Peru last?
A: A flight from the Philippines to Peru can last up to 20 hours.
2. What type of visa do I need for Peru?

A: Your visa requirements depend on your nationality and length of stay.
3. Where can I find affordable accommodations in Lima?
A: There are numerous hostels and budget hotels in Lima that offer affordable prices (“Good Things Come at a Price,” Unknown Author).