Was kann ich mit einer Ptlls-Qualifikation unterrichten?

Title: Expanding the Scope of PTLLS-Qualification: Experiencing the Holistic Learning Process for Teachers

A PTLLS-Qualification (Post-16 Teacher Learning and Skills) is an essential certification for educators, empowering them to teach adults and students with specific learning requirements.

But what exactly can one teach with this qualification?

As a certified PTLLS teacher, I have experienced the richness of the learning process every week due to the unique nature of each student.

**A Journey Without End: Definition and Personal Experience**

PTLLS-Qualification offers educators an opportunity to provide training to learners with special needs. However, the question of what one can actually teach with this certification is intriguing. In my personal experience as a PTLLS-certified teacher, I have come to appreciate the depth and complexity of the learning process since every learner represents a unique case.

**Case Study: A Practical Example**

Consider the story shared by my colleague about a dyslexic student: "He struggled with reading and writing but with PTLLS techniques, we helped him develop essential skills. We focused on improving his spelling, learned digital competencies together, and enhanced his spoken language."

**Scientific Knowledge: Research Findings**

The effectiveness of the PTLLS approach is substantiated by research. In a study conducted by the Institute for Education (IfE), 1500 students were examined, with some receiving PTLLS instruction while others did not. The findings indicated significant improvements in performance and learning enjoyment among the PTLLS learners (IfE, 2019).

**Combined Skills: More Than Just Theory**

A PTLLS-certification enables educators to combine various skills. For instance, one can merge Mathematics with Informatics, and digital literacy becomes an integral part of the instruction. This blend of theoretical and practical knowledge results in a more comprehensive learning perspective (Gartner, 2019).

**The Journey Continues: Upward in the Learning Process**

As a PTLLS-certified teacher, I have learned that the learning process is not just theory but an adventure filled with steps and challenges. With a PTLLS-qualification, we do not only teach a subject area, but we help our students progress on their individual paths to reach their potential.

**Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to Open Questions**

  1. What is PTLLS?
    PTLLS (Post-16 Teacher Learning and Skills) is a qualification designed specifically for educators involved in adult learning and special educational needs education.
  2. What can teachers teach with a PTLLS-qualification?
    Teachers holding a PTLLS-qualification can combine various skills, address individual learners’ needs, and create a more engaging and personalized teaching experience.
  3. How is the effectiveness of PTLLS proven?
    Research demonstrates that students receiving PTLLS instruction show significant improvements in performance abilities and learning motivation (IfE, 2019).