Was trägt man zu einer Diwali-Party? – Ideen und Inspirationen für das perfekte Aussehen


Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is here!

It’s time to prepare for this beautiful and traditional celebration. Whether you are planning a small or large Diwali Party, inviting a few people over or organizing a big family event, it’s important that all guests feel comfortable and entertained. In this article, we will explore what to wear to a Diwali Party to create the perfect look and give your hosts an unforgettable experience.

(Heading 1: The Basics of Choosing the Right Outfit)

Before we dive into specifically Diwali-suitable outfits, let’s first consider some essential rules:

1.1) Wear Something Comfortable: Diwali parties often last long hours, and it’s highly likely that you’ll be interacting with many people and dancing the night away. Therefore, ensure your outfit choices are comfortable enough for the entire evening.

1.2) Consider the Weather Conditions: Diwali parties can take place indoors as well as outdoors. Make sure your outfits are suitable for each weather scenario, ensuring you’re comfortable and dry.

1.3) Ensure Your Outfit Fits the Mood: Diwali is a time of peace and joy. Ensure your outfit aligns with this spirit and enhances the overall mood of the occasion.

(Heading 2: Inspiring Options for Women – Lehenga Choli)

A Lehenga Choli is a traditional Indian three-piece garment consisting of a long, fitted skirt (Lehenga), a blouse (Choli), and a dupatta (a long scarf). The ensemble can be adorned with intricate embroidery or sequins, making it an elegant choice for Diwali parties.

To wear a Lehenga Choli:

Pair the skirt and blouse according to your personal preference in terms of color, pattern, or style.
Ensure the dupatta is large enough to cover both shoulders when draped over one arm.
Tie the dupatta around your waist using a pleating technique or wear it as a scarf, covering one shoulder.

(Heading 3: Inspiring Options for Women – Saree)

A Saree is a long piece of fabric, typically six to nine yards in length, draped around the body in various ways to create a traditional Indian ensemble. The fabric can be silk, cotton, or georgette, and adorned with intricate embroidery, sequins, or zari work.

To wear a Saree:

Start by folding the length of the fabric into a large, loose pleat near the waistline.
Tie this pleat around your waist using a saree petticoat or a piece of fabric for added support and stability.
Drape one end of the fabric over one shoulder, creating a blouse-like effect called the "pallu."

Carefully pull the remaining length of the fabric behind you and tuck it into your petticoat or saree pleats to create a neat finish.

(Heading 4: Inspiring Options for Men – Sherwani)

A Sherwani is a long, full-sleeved coat worn over traditional Indian clothing like a Kurta Pajama or Pyjama and Churidar. The outfit can be embellished with intricate embroidery, sequins, or mirrors, making it a formal choice for Diwali parties.

To wear a Sherwani:

Ensure the length of the coat is appropriate for your height; it should reach just below your ankles when standing.
Button up the front of the coat, ensuring all buttons are fastened correctly.
Tuck in the Kurta or shirt worn beneath the Sherwani to create a neat finish.

(Heading 5: Inspiring Options for Men – Kurta Pajama)

A Kurta Pajama is a simple yet elegant Indian outfit consisting of a long, loose tunic (Kurta) and a pair of pants (Pajama). The Kurta can be made from various fabrics such as silk, cotton, or georgette and can be adorned with embroidery or sequins.

To wear a Kurta Pajama:

Ensure the length of the Kurta reaches your mid-calf or ankle when standing.
Tuck in the front portion of the Kurta into the waistband of the Pajama for a neat finish.
Wear the Pajama at or below the ankle, ensuring they are comfortable and do not restrict movement.

(Heading 6: Accessorizing Your Outfit)

To enhance your Diwali party look without increasing costs significantly, consider accessorizing your outfit with the following items:

Shoes: Ensure your shoes match the color or style of your outfit and are suitable for the location of the party.
Jewelry: Accessories like bangles, necklaces, earrings, and rings can elevate your Diwali party look without breaking the bank.
Makeup: A beautiful makeup look can add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble and help you stand out from the crowd.

Diwali is a beautiful and traditional celebration where comfort and entertainment for all guests are essential. Choosing the perfect outfit is an important aspect of Diwali party preparations. With various inspirational options available for women (Lehenga Choli and Saree) and men (Sherwani and Kurta Pajama), ensure your outfit is comfortable, weather-appropriate, and in line with the occasion’s spirit. Accessorize your outfit with shoes, jewelry, and makeup to maximize its potential, creating a stunning look for this wonderful festival.