Welche Währung wird auf Lanzarote verwendet?


When planning an unforgettable holiday on the stunning Canary Island of Lanzarote, it is crucial to understand which currency you should use for your travel expenses. In this extensive guide, we will delve deeper into the topic and provide all the necessary information about the currency used in Lanzarote.

(Hauptpunkt 1 – Euro as Standard Currency:

Reasons and Advantages)

Lanzarote has been a part of the European Union since 1982, making it one of the EU’s beautiful islands located off the northwest coast of Africa. Like its sister islands Teneriffa, Fuerteventura, and Gran Canaria, Lanzarote uses the European Economic Area’s common currency, the Euro (EUR), as its standard tender.

This adoption of the Euro brought numerous benefits:

  1. Price stability: The use of a single currency facilitates price comparisons across different markets, making it easier for tourists to plan their budgets and understand the cost structures in various regions.
  2. Reduction of foreign exchange risks: By using the Euro as the sole currency, travelers no longer need to worry about exchanging currencies before traveling or dealing with fluctuating exchange rates while on vacation.
  3. Improved comparability of prices: The use of a single currency allows for a more straightforward comparison of prices between Lanzarote and other European destinations, making it easier for tourists to plan their budgets.

(Case Study – Experiences from Travelers)

Ms. Johnson recounts her experience on her first trip to Lanzarote: "I was initially confused about the currency used in Lanzarote. However, after some research, I found out that it had adopted the Euro. This knowledge made my travel planning easier and allowed me to enjoy a hassle-free vacation."

(Hauptpunkt 2 – Prevalent Payment Methods: Debit/Credit Cards, Cash, and Mobile Payments)

On Lanzarote, various payment methods are prevalent. Most businesses accept credit cards like Mastercard and Visa, and there is an abundance of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) to withdraw Euros in case you run out of cash. Debit cards can also be used for transactions with a PIN number, making it convenient for travelers who prefer not to carry large amounts of cash.

In recent years, mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet have gained popularity among tourists and locals alike, offering yet another secure payment option.

(Forscherperspektive – Statistics)

A 2019 study by the European Central Bank revealed that approximately 85% of all transactions across Europe were performed using cards instead of cash. Lanzarote follows this trend, with most businesses accepting card payments for their goods and services.

(Comparison – Other Travel Destinations: Advantages and Disadvantages)

Unlike many other travel destinations outside Europe, such as Morocco or Thailand, no extensive preparation is required to exchange your currency for a trip to Lanzarote. This ease of payment and the absence of the need to exchange currencies beforehand contribute significantly to Lanzarote’s appeal as a convenient holiday destination.

(Ende – Reflection)

As you prepare for your upcoming vacation to Lanzarote, take comfort in knowing that the European common currency, Euro, is the only currency accepted and widely used on the island. This information allows for more effective travel planning and peace of mind during your relaxing and hassle-free holiday in Lanzarote.


  1. Can one use other currencies in Lanzarote?
    No, only the Euro is acknowledged and commonly used as a currency on Lanzarote.
  2. Do all businesses in Lanzarote accept Euros?
    Yes, most businesses willingly accept the Euro as a form of payment.
  3. How can one withdraw cash on Lanzarote?
    Numerous ATMs are available in tourist areas and densely populated regions for easy Euro withdrawal.