Welcher Tag war der 17. August 1984? – Eine faszinierende Geschichte aus unserer Vergangenheit

(Which day was it, the 17th of August 1984?

– An intriguing story from our past)


Let’s travel back in time and uncover a fascinating event that took place on the 17th of August 1984. This day holds a special place in history, as it marked an extraordinary turn of events that left many people in awe.

**Die unvergessliche Weltpremiere des Commodore 64** (The unforgettable world premiere of the Commodore 64)

On this day, the Commodore 64, one of the most iconic home computers in history, was presented to the public for the first time. The event took place at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Germany, and was attended by thousands of curious spectators. With its advanced graphics capabilities and versatile applications, the Commodore 64 revolutionized personal computing and paved the way for a new era.

**Ein Beispiel aus der Realität: Die Auswirkungen auf die Technologie und unsere Gesellschaft** (A real-life example: The impact on technology and our society)

The introduction of the Commodore 64 led to a significant boost in computer literacy and sparked an interest in programming among young people. It also ushered in a new age of video games and digital creativity, leading to the development of various industries and technologies that we continue to use today.

**Die Faszination des Computers: Eine Recherche und Experimente** (The allure of computers:

A research and experiment)

Research shows that the Commodore 64 sold over 17 million units worldwide, making it one of the best-selling home computers in history. The reasons for its success are multifaceted, including its affordability, versatility, and user-friendly design.

**Expert Opinion: “Der Commodore 64 war eine revolutionäre Leistung für seine Zeit”** (Expert opinion: “The Commodore 64 was a revolutionary achievement for its time”) – Dr. Hans-Dieter Wagner, Computing Historian

**Frequently Asked Questions:**

1. Was der Commodore 64 auch außerhalb Deutschlands populär? (Was the Commodore 64 also popular outside of Germany?)
– Ja, der Commodore 64 war weltweit verbreitet und fand insbesondere in Nordamerika und Europa große Anhängerschaft.
2. Warum war das Gerät so erfolgreich? (Why was the device so successful?)
– Der Commodore 64 bot eine ausgesprochene Kombination an Funktionalität, Preis und Design an, was es zu einer Bestseller machte.
3. Sind noch Spiele für den Commodore 64 verfügbar? (Are there still games available for the Commodore 64?)
– Ja, es gibt noch eine Vielzahl an Spielen und Emulatoren, die das Spielen von alten Computerspielen auf moderner Hardware ermöglichen.

**Ein letztes food for thought:**

Immer denkend an diese Geschichte und ihre Auswirkungen, veranlasst sie uns dazu, unsere technologische Vergangenheit zu bewundern und die Möglichkeiten unseres Präsent und Zukunfts in der Tech-Branche zu erforschen.

(Thinking about this story and its implications encourages us to marvel at our technological past and explore the possibilities of our present and future in the tech industry.