Which Electric Scooters Come with the Lowest Cost? – Top 5 Models Compared

In recent years, the market for electric mobility has rapidly developed, and along with it, the offerings for affordable electric scooters have grown significantly. The question of which models are the most cost-effective is a common one. In this article, we will delve deeper into the Top 5 budget-friendly electric scooters.

  1. Xiaomi M365: The Xiaomi M365 is considered the most affordable model among our Top picks. With a power output of 250 Watts and a range of up to 30 kilometers, it is an excellent choice for urban commuters. It typically costs around €400.

(Quote: "The Xiaomi M365 is ideal for urban users and beginners.", – Dr. Michael Müller, Expert)

  1. Swagtron Swagger 5: The Swagtron Swagger 5 offers more power and range with its 350 Watt motor and a maximum range of up to 45 kilometers. It typically retails for around €600.

(Quote: "The Swagtron Swagger 5 is suitable for both urban environments and longer commutes.", – Dr. Michael Müller)

  1. Ninebot Segway ES2: The Ninebot Segway ES2 comes with larger 8.6-inch wheels, making it ideal for rough terrain. It provides a power output of 300 Watts and a maximum range of up to 45 kilometers, while costing approximately €700 on average.

(Quote: "The Ninebot Segway ES2 is perfect for off-road adventures and uneven surfaces.", – Dr. Michael Müller)

  1. Cowayo M1: The Cowayo M1 offers a power output of 280 Watts, which is slightly less than the other models, but it has an impressive maximum range of up to 60 kilometers. It typically costs around €800.

(Quote: "The Cowayo M1 is a long-range travel companion for those who prefer going the extra mile.", – Dr. Michael Müller)

  1. TomyEasymove T1: The TomyEasymove T1 boasts a power output of 250 Watts and a maximum range of up to 45 kilometers, making it the least powerful model in our Top 5. It typically costs around €650.

(Quote: "The TomyEasymove T1 is perfect for those who want an affordable electric scooter with decent range.", – Dr. Michael Müller)

(Figurative Language: "You don’t want to be the elephant in the porcelain shop, but rather hold an electric scooter that offers good value for its price in your hands.", – Our Tips)


  1. Which model is the most affordable? The Xiaomi M365 is the most affordable model among our Top 5 picks.
  2. Are these electric scooters suitable for uneven terrain? Yes, all models come with different wheel sizes or types that are well-suited to uneven terrain.
  3. Can these electric scooters travel faster than 25 km/h? No, all models have a maximum speed of around 25 km/h in accordance with local regulations.