Wie bekomme ich Ozempic zur Gewichtsabnahme verschrieben? Reddit

In recent months, the use of the new medication Ozempic for managing Type 2 Diabetes and its weight-reducing effect has gained popularity. Here, we share practical tips and user experiences on getting prescribed Ozempic for weight loss.

What is Ozempic?
Ozempic is a novel medication given as a once-weekly subcutaneous injection used for Type 2 Diabetes treatment and weight reduction. It belongs to the class of Glucagonlikepeptid-1 Receptor Agonists (GLP-1-RAs).

**How to Get an Ozempic Prescription?

To obtain Ozempic, your doctor must confirm a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis and identify a weight problem. Generally, a BMI over 30 is required or over 27 with accompanying conditions like hypertension or dyslipidemia.

**Success Stories from Users**
“I’ve been taking Ozempic for three months and have lost almost 10 kg,” reports John from Munich. “Not only is my diabetes better controlled, but I also feel much lighter.”

**Research and Experiments**
Studies show that GLP-1-RAs like Ozempic reduce the hunger stimulating hormone ghrelin and appetite. Additionally, they promote fat burning and can normalize blood pressure.

Remember that Ozempic, like all medications, comes with risks, including gastrointestinal side effects and digestive disorders. Always follow your doctor’s instructions.


Ozempic is a new medication used for Type 2 Diabetes treatment and weight reduction. To get prescribed Ozempic, your doctor must confirm diabetes and weight issues. Successful users report weight loss and improved blood glucose control. Always prioritize health precautions!


1. Can I take Ozempic without diabetes?
Answer: No, Ozempic is only approved for people with Type 2 Diabetes.
2. How often should I take Ozempic?
Answer: Ozempic is injected once a week.