Wie lange dauert es, eine Krone auf den Zahn zu setzen?

Many people wonder how long it takes to get a crown on a tooth that has been damaged. In this article, we will explain what dental crowns are and approximately how long the process takes on average.

(Heading 1: What is a Dental Crown?)

A dental crown is an artificial cap or shield placed over a damaged, weakened, or missing tooth. It strengthens and protects the tooth and can restore its function.

(Heading 2: Preparation and Procedure)

The preparation for crowning a tooth typically involves local anesthesia to minimize pain. Subsequently, the dental tissue surrounding the affected tooth is removed to make room for the crown. The manufacturing process of the crown usually takes about 1-2 weeks.

(Heading 3: Facts and Case Studies)

On average, dentists require between two and four hours to prepare a single tooth for a crown and install it. The location of the teeth and the type of crown can impact the duration. Paul Newman’s and Goldie Hawn’s dental crown procedures, well-known cases in history, each lasted over two hours.

(Heading 4: Safety and Follow-up)

Following the procedure, maintaining proper oral hygiene and regular checkups with a dentist is crucial to protect the crowned tooth from further damage.

The duration of dental crown treatment depends on various factors. Though getting a functional and beautiful toothline back can be an enjoyable process, it’s essential to continue practicing good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups to prevent future harm.


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