Wie lange dauert es, eine Zahnkrone zu bekommen?

A damaged tooth that can no longer be saved calls for a dental crown to enhance one’s life. I recall my first crown taking two sessions and about a week for normal eating again. Others recount a process lasting over three months. According to the German Dental Association, the average duration for a crown is two to four weeks, but exceptions exist.

The process of crafting a crown involves several steps: removal of the damaged tooth, preparation of the surrounding area, creation of an impression for a template, and subsequent fabrication of the crown in a lab or the dentist’s office.

Dr. Müller, a dentist, explains that the treatment duration varies depending on complexities such as those involving a front tooth crown or molars at the back of the mouth.

A dental crown is a valuable investment in one’s health and wellbeing. However, treatment length depends on individual circumstances. Consult with your dentist to address any concerns and secure your future dental security.

  1. How long does it take to get a crown?


    Two to four weeks on average.

  2. Can a crown be made directly in the dentist’s office?


    Yes, for some procedures this is possible.

  3. What factors influence the duration of a crown’s fabrication?


    Complexity of the case, type of crown, and individual circumstances are influential.