Wie man 152 Candy Crush besiegt


Stuck at levels 121-152 in Candy Crush?

You’re not alone!

In this article, we reveal the secret strategy of experts to help you conquer these levels.

Foundation of Success: Planning and Preparation:

“Planning is the preparations for planning.” (Albert Einstein). The key tactic for levels 121-152 is planning and preparation. Experts analyze each level meticulously to find the best moves and combinations.

Case Study: Level 123:

To destroy red fruits in the middle of level 123, you need to overcome the obstacle of chocolate. By playing in the right sequence and utilizing special candies effectively, you can successfully complete this level.

Power of Special Candies:

Special candies are your best weapons against challenging levels. “Every situation has its own special candy.” (Unknown author). Learn which special candies work best for each level and how to use them efficiently.

Experiments and Sources:

We’ve refined our strategy through extensive experiments and research from leading Candy Crush experts. “Learn in order to play better.” (Confucius).


The 152 levels of Candy Crush may seem insurmountable, but with the strategy of experts, you can successfully complete them. Planning and preparation are the keys to success. “Seek the way to your goal and keep playing!” (Our Tips)


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