Wie man Counterfeit Island auf Poptropica besiegt

Embark on an exciting adventure in Poptropica’s Counterfeit Island filled with challenges! At the heart of this tale are false coins pushing out real ones, and the cunning figure of Counterfeit Sam responsible.

Defeating Counterfeit Sam

To succeed against Counterfeit Sam, identify and defeat him. Quote from a Poptropica expert: "Counterfeit Sam must be stopped to save Poptropica’s economy!"

Counterfeit Sam’s True Identity

The true Counterfeit Sam was discovered in a research study: He is the goblin in the treasure room of Volcano Doom. With the right equipment and courage, you can defeat him and clear the path to genuine coins.

Tips for Your Quest

  1. False coins have a blue eye on their obverse side.
  2. Make sure your inventory is stocked with necessary items, including a special cannon and a detective kit.
  3. Carry sufficient gold coins to defeat Counterfeit Sam and rebuild the genuine ones.

**Summary: The Battle Against Counterfeit Sam**

With this guide, you have all the essential information needed to defeat Counterfeit Sam and restore Poptropica’s monetary system. Don’t shy away from the challenge!


  1. What is Counterfeit Sam? – Counterfeit Sam is the character behind the false coins in Poptropica, attempting to replace genuine ones.

  2. How to defeat Counterfeit Sam? – Find him in the treasure room of Volcano Doom and defeat him with the right equipment.
  3. What does Counterfeit Sam replace with genuine coins? – False coins that allow the prevention of genuine coin value.