Wie man den Freimaurern in Südafrika beitritt

Title: Joining the Secret World of South African Freemasons: Uncovering Their Hidden History, Traditions, and Membership Requirements

Freemasonry, a secretive organization with a rich history dating back to 1730 in South Africa, continues to captivate the public’s imagination. With numerous prominent figures and businessmen among its ranks, from former President Nelson Mandela to famous architects and engineers, this clandestine society remains shrouded in mystery. In this expanded article, we delve deeper into the history of Freemasonry in South Africa, explore its enigmatic traditions, and shed light on the requirements for membership.


Freemasonry’s presence in South Africa dates back to the early 18th century. Prominent members like Nelson Mandela, who was an active member of the East London Masonic Lodge, have fueled curiosity about this secretive organization. Mandela’s involvement in Freemasonry is just one example of the influential figures who have been part of this fraternity.

Joining Requirements: To become a member of a Masonic lodge, one must meet various requirements. These range from spiritual and intellectual progress to moral integrity. Aspiring members must believe in a supreme being and commit themselves to the fraternity’s principles, which include truth, charity, brotherly love, and the pursuit of knowledge. Candidates undergo a rigorous screening process that includes background checks and interviews to ensure their moral character aligns with the organization’s values.

Masonic Secrets: The significance of secrecy and secret languages within Freemasonry is revealed through some of its enigmatic traditions, such as handshakes, passwords, and cryptic symbols. These codes are meant to protect the fraternity’s teachings and rituals from outsiders. Freemasons believe that these secrets provide a means for members to bond with one another, deepen their understanding of the organization’s principles, and strengthen their brotherhood.


1. How do I join a Masonic lodge?
New members are selected based on their moral character, belief in a supreme being, and commitment to the fraternity’s principles. Interested individuals can contact local lodges or submit questions online to learn more about joining.
2. What is the significance of secrecy within Freemasonry?
Secrecy is an integral part of Freemasonry, as it protects the organization’s teachings and rituals from outsiders while providing members with a unique means to bond and strengthen their brotherhood.
3. Who are some famous Freemasons in South Africa?
Some notable South African Freemasons include Nelson Mandela, Sol Plaatje, Jan Smuts, and J.R.J. Joubert. Their involvement in the fraternity underscores the diverse range of influential figures who have been part of this secret society throughout history.