Wie man die Ofenplatte öffnet

Opening your oven plate with passion and dedication is a common practice in the world of homemaking and cooking. In this article, we share practical tips and tricks to help you perfectly open your oven plate, ensuring excellent results.

  1. Prepare: Before opening the oven plate, ensure your surroundings are orderly. Clear unnecessary items and place an empty kitchen paper on the table.
  2. Heat Preparation: Ensure your baking vessel is in the right position. If using a glass baking dish, check the temperature with a thermometer.

  3. Gentleman’s Opening: Use this technique, also known as "Gentleman’s Opening," to open the baking dish safely: hold the oven plate with both hands and slightly turn it while pushing the tip of the lid handle upwards with your other hand.
  4. Wait: Wait some minutes after baking to ensure the vessel’s temperature is sufficient before opening. This will help you achieve optimal results.
  5. Caution: When working with glass baking dishes, be careful not to damage the lids. Using scissors or other hard objects is prohibited.

Expert Opinion: "Proper care and correct opening of the oven plate are essential for your baked goods to look excellent and taste great," says Master Chef Johann Schmidt.


  1. How long should I wait before opening the oven plate?
    It depends on what you’re baking. Generally, wait five minutes.
  2. Can glass baking dishes be opened with scissors?
    No, as glass may get damaged due to contact.