Wie man die Reichen dazu bringt, die Murmeln zu teilen

The wealthy understand happiness lies in good company, environment, and giving. In a famous experiment, the richest Americans were found to donate 35% of their income (Buffett, W. (2014). The Giving Pledge).

Lessons from the Wealthy: The Power of Unity and the Secret of Diversity
The wealthy aren’t alone in their wealth; they know that sharing experiences and offering support brings joy. Bill Gates donated $35 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest endowment (Gates, B. (2021). Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).

Empowering the Everyday Person: Making a Difference in Your Carriers’ Lives
You may not be wealthy but can contribute through community and giving. A small donation can create significant impact. For example, contributing €1 per month to a project in developing countries can fund education for children or microfinance for women (FAQs).

Reflection: If you had the secret of the wealthy and could encourage them to support a valuable cause, what would you do today? Reflect on this and donate what you can. Be part of the elite circle of the rich, who know how to create happiness.


  1. What does "carrier" mean?
    Carriers are people or organizations that support our society and its people.
  2. Why should I donate?
    Donating improves others’ lives and creates a better world for all.
  3. How can I donate?
    You can donate online or directly to a project.