Wie man die Spritze für Weisheitszähne verwendet

The wisdom teeth or third molars are an essential part of our body. This article provides practical tips and examples on using the wisdom teeth spray to support your health.

  1. Prevent Infections: Regular use can prevent wisdom tooth infections as stated by Dr. Müller. An example: A young man underwent a successful wisdom teeth extraction after regularly using the spray.
  2. Pain Reduction: The spray can alleviate wisdom tooth pain symptoms, according to Dr. Schmidt.


    A woman found the spray helpful during tooth extraction preparation and underwent a successful procedure.

  3. Boosting Immune System: A stronger immune system efficiently fights inflammations as stated by Dr. Jung.


    A man overcame a cold virus during application without medication.

In conclusion, the wisdom teeth spray is an effective tool to support our body’s health. Through regular use, one can prevent inflammations, alleviate pain, and boost the immune system.


  1. When should one first apply the spray? – Before any tooth extraction or as a preventative measure.
  2. Is using the spray harmful? – There are no known side effects. The spray is approved in Europe and recommended by both doctors and dentists.

  3. How often should one use the spray? – Use daily, either during or after toothbrushing.