Wie man einen Barong reinigt

A Barong, a beautiful traditional Filipino garment adorned with elegant patterns and vibrant colors, requires regular cleaning to maintain its perfection. In this article, learn the secret recipe to keep your Barong’s allure lasting for years!

Heading 1: What is a Barong and why clean it?

A Barong is a traditional Philippine garment made from cotton or silk, renowned for its intricate designs, colors, and joyful use of leaves and flowers. Regular cleaning extends the life of the fabric and colors.

Heading 2: Basic Rules for Barong Cleaning:

  1. Remove all embellishments and jewelry before cleaning.
  2. Use a dry cleaner or milk powder solution instead of water.
  3. Avoid heat sources like heaters or sunlight.
  4. Clean the Barong after drinking.

Heading 3: Fascinating Barong Cleaning Stories:

A man from Manila shares his experience of cleaning his Barong with a milk powder solution, keeping it beautiful for 25 years. A woman from Cebu reveals her secret recipe consisting of rice water, salt, and lemon juice.


Cleaning a Barong is a lifelong process that starts with the right knowledge and materials. Use these tips to ensure your Barong retains its charm for decades.

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  1. Can I wash my Barong with water? No, use a dry cleaner or milk powder solution instead.
  2. How often should I clean my Barong? Clean it regularly after drinking.
  3. Which method is most efficient for cleaning a Barong? Use a dry cleaner or milk powder solution.