Wie man einen Dui in Maryland besiegt

A DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is a serious violation of traffic laws in Maryland, resulting in significant penalties including hefty fines and license suspension. However, there are possibilities to attempt turning around the case with the help of a skilled law firm. Approximately 70% of drivers charged with a DUI in Maryland have regained their licenses (Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration).

If it’s not the first offense, sentences can be harsher due to repeat offenses or Maryland’s "Open Container Law," which prohibits alcohol in open containers in vehicles. My personal experience involves someone who, after being charged with a DUI in Maryland, had to pay high fines and lose their license. They shared that it was possible to change the outcome with a good law firm.

A lawyer explained, “There are many ways to alter the case.”

For instance: “Was the police adherent to all regulations during the arrest?

Were all procedures correctly carried out?

Practical tips include hiring an experienced law firm, collecting evidence such as photos, witness statements, and relevant materials, and diligently handling the court process by inquiring about deadlines and providing required documentation. Despite the gravity of a DUI in Maryland, with a capable law firm, practical tips, and determination, the case can be steered toward a positive outcome.


1. How long does a DUI sentence last in Maryland?


The length of a DUI sentence varies depending on the individual case and can last up to 2 years.
2. Can I get my driver’s license back after a DUI in Maryland?


Yes, upon completion of the sentence and a specified period without further violations, one can regain their driver’s license in Maryland.