Wie man einen tongaischen Lei herstellt

The Tonga-Lei, a colorful fabric symbol, is an essential and cherished signification of the Tongan people, representing both maritime traditions and our country’s history. In this article, learn how to create your own Tonga-Lei.

Materials and Preparation:

To make a Tonga-Lei, gather the following materials: Matratie (white or blue cotton cloth), turpentine oil, colors (red, yellow, black, and white), brushes, and water. Ensure a peaceful environment as creating a Lei can take time.

Procedure – Foundation:

  1. Cut the Matratie into rectangular pieces and then into strips.
  2. Soak these strips in hot water to soften them.
  3. Dry at leisure on Fridays, then expose them to sunlight or rain.

Personal Experience:

I recall my first experience crafting a Tonga-Lei while staying with my uncle in Tonga. It was laborious but rewarding, yielding a stunning Lei that our village took pride in.

Procedure – Painting:

Once your Matratie is ready, begin painting using turpentine oil and colors. Start with black for the borders and symbols. Proceed with yellow for the guidelines. Use red for the central cross and white for bindings.

Expert Opinion:

"The process of creating a Tonga-Lei is not merely an artisanal skill but also a spiritual act," explained renowned Tongan artist Sione Ngongo.


Creating a Tonga-Lei is a spiritual and time-consuming endeavor, connecting us to our heritage and cultural traditions. It’s a living symbol of our identity and an unforgettable experience everyone should have.


  1. How long does it take to create a Tonga-Lei?
    It can take up to two months depending on skill level and time investment.
  2. Can I buy Tonga-Leis instead?
    Yes, they are available for purchase in Tonga and some Pacific islands or online.