Wie man Hurrikan-Fensterläden misst

Hurricanes pose a significant threat to our homes, making windows a vulnerable point. In this article series, learn practical tips and case studies on effectively using hurricane window shutters.

What are Hurricane Window Shutters?
Hurricane window shutters are specialized preparations shielding your windows from wind and rain. Types include rollos, clamshells, and Bahamas.

Why are Hurricane Window Shutters Important?
Hurricanes reach wind speeds up to 200 mph (322 km/h), causing immense damage to windows. Let’s see what can happen without them: "In 2017, the costliest year for insurers in the US, over 3.4 million households were affected, resulting in $91.6 billion in damages" (Source: NOAA).

Installing Hurricane Window Shutters
Proper installation is crucial for effective and secure protection. For a guide on installing window shutters, please refer to our empty guide.

Alternatives When You Don’t Have Hurricane Window Shutters
When no hurricane window shutters are available, consider alternative options to protect your windows. Learn about them in our empty guide.

Hurricanes pose a serious threat to homes. By following the practical tips and case studies in this article series, you can effectively and safely secure your windows.

Safety begins at home!


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