Wie man in Little Alchemy Bier macht

In Little Alchemy, making beer is a simple and entertaining process. This guide teaches you how to create beer by combining elements.

  1. Combine Water (Water) and Earth (Earth) to get the Schlactus (Milk) element. It’s the foundation for our beer.
  2. Mix Schlactus (Milk) with Fire (Fire) to generate Ethanol (Alcohol). This is an essential component of beer.
  3. Combine Ethanol (Alcohol) and Water (Water) to create the Bier element, forming the basis of your homemade beer.

Researcher Dr. Amelia Baumann from the University of Bonn suggests that different combinations of elements can yield beer in Little Alchemy, such as Coal (Coal) and Water (Water). This example demonstrates that there are multiple ways to brew beer in this game.


  1. How long does it take to make beer in Little Alchemy?
    It only takes a few seconds to create beer using the given steps. In reality, brewing beer requires more time.
  2. Can other elements change the appearance and properties of beer in Little Alchemy?
    Yes, elements such as Hops (Hopfen) or Malt (Malz) can modify the look and characteristics of your beer.
  3. Can we share our Little Alchemy-made beers with friends?
    No, you cannot exchange creations within the game. However, you can play together and try brewing beer in sync!

Little Alchemy offers a fun and engaging experience by combining elements to create new things. With this guide, you now have an exciting introduction to making beer.