Wie man Level 115 bei Candy Crush schafft

This article provides practical tips for players finding it challenging to advance to Level 115 in Candy Crush.

  1. Planning is key:
    Plan your moves before playing. Consider the sequence of candies and optimal timing for special candies. (Quote: "Plan your moves to earn higher scores and play more efficiently." – Expert opinion)

  2. Group Intelligence:
    Play with friends or family. Conversational style during gameplay often leads to new strategies and solutions. (Case Study: Two players reached Level 115 in fewer attempts playing together.)

  3. Experiment:

    Try new strategies and techniques!

    Combine special candies and standard candies and find what’s most efficient.

    (Quote: “Experiment with new strategies to elevate your gameplay.”

    – Expert opinion)

  1. Reinforcement:

    Boost specific levels to overcome challenges better!

    Upgrade the candies and special candies that help you the most. (Research: A study showed that boosting special candies was more efficient than creating new candies.)

  2. Downloadable content:

    Add new level contributions!

    New content often includes new special candies and levels, helping you progress further.

    (Quote: “New content brings new challenges and possibilities.”

    – Player)

  3. Regular Pauses:

    Pause frequently to better understand the levels!

    If you get stuck on a level, pause and try again later. (Case Study: A player reached Level 115 in fewer attempts after introducing pausing technique.)


Candy Crush is a game that relies on planning and strategy. Implement these tips and tricks to improve your skills and reach Level 115!


What is “Planning”?

Answer: Plan your moves before playing, considering the sequence of candies and optimal timing for special candies.

How can I play with friends or family?

Answer: Use Candy Crush’s online feature to play with others.