Wie man Level 168 in Candy Crush Saga schafft

Many players find level 168 in Candy Crush Saga challenging due to its complexity. Here’s how to conquer it and earn impressive points through effective strategies.

First, share my journey as I overcame the frustration of level 168 by focusing on creating special candies and making strategic moves.

Research shows that special candies are essential for boosting your score: color bombs + striped candies clear entire rows/columns, jelly fish eliminate jelly, and wrappers create larger combos.

Candy Crush experts recommend approaching level 168 with patience and strategy: plan moves carefully and focus on creating special candies as soon as possible.

My winning strategy includes preparing the board for combos by creating color bombs and striped candies early on. Use them to clear obstacles and increase your score.

As you master level 168, remember that new challenges await in Candy Crush Saga. Continue refining strategies and seeking expert advice to progress.


Q: How can I create special candies in Candy Crush?

A: Match four or more of the same candy to create a special candy.

Q: What strategies should I use to conquer level 168?

A: Focus on creating special candies and clearing obstacles for increased scores.

Q: How can I improve my overall gameplay in Candy Crush Saga?

A: Practice, research strategies, and seek expert advice for continuous improvement.