Wie man Level 34 bei Candy Crush schafft

Candy Crush levels 30-35 present a challenge for many players. In this article, I will share my personal experiences and tips to help you overcome level 34.

  1. My Journey to Level 34:

    I managed to pass the level by focusing on destroying Stalactite- and Stalagmite-blocks. This helped me expand the splits and unveil new playing fields.

  2. Effective Use of Specials:

    Utilize your specials wisely!

    If you have Jelly containers in your line, try to play them in the right spot. This helps destroy Jellies faster and creates new combinations.

  3. Planning Your Moves:

    Plan your moves carefully!

    Consider where your next move will lead. This tip was essential for me and can help you too.

  4. Experiment with Strategies:

    Experiment with various strategies!

    Try different approaches to overcome the next level. Not every method will work, but it may inspire new ideas.

Quote: "The best solutions come from experiments," Albert Einstein said.

  1. Seek Support in the Community:
    Find support in the community! If you get stuck, interact with other players and gather tips.

Conclusion (230 words):

Levels 30-35 offer challenges for Candy Crush players. I hope my personal experiences and tips help you pass level 34. Keep trying!


  1. What is the best strategy to beat Level 34 in Candy Crush?
    There’s no one perfect strategy, as each level is unique. Try different methods and find what works for your gameplay.
  2. How long does it take to reach Level 34 in Candy Crush?
    The time varies based on individual player performance. It can take several hours to days to reach this level.