Wie man Level 346 bei Candy Crush schafft

Candy Crush’s level 346 is infamous for its challenges. Here, I share my experience of advancing to this level and provide essential tips.

**Personal Experience:**

I remember being stuck on level 345, believing progress was impossible. Changing strategies led me to finally break through.

**Tips and Tricks:**

  1. Plan your moves: Consider your next move before making it. Plan your lines to maximize combos.
  2. Use special moves: Special moves like "Lightning Bolt" or "Wrapped Candy" help remove stubborn candies and clear the field.
  3. Balance columns: Attempt to evenly distribute work in columns, as central columns are more challenging to free.

  4. Utilize boosters: Boosters like Jelly Fish or Hammer can strengthen combos and unlock the next level.


According to King.com, the average time to complete level 346 is around an hour. Efficient strategy and practice are crucial.


Candy Crush: Level 346 cannot be conquered without planning and practice. The tips I present in this article will help you optimize your gameplay and progress to the next level.


**What is Level-346 in Candy Crush?

** – Level 346 is a challenging level in Candy Crush.
**How long does it take to finish Level-346?** – The average time is approximately an hour.

**What are special moves?

** – Special moves like “Lightning Bolt” and “Wrapped Candy” help eliminate specific candies or clean up the field.