Wie man Trolle findet


In the digital world, trolls are unavoidable. They provoke us with provocations, aggression, or insults. In this article, learn how to identify and respond to trolls on the internet.

What are Trolls?: Trolls are individuals who intentionally post inflammatory content to provoke others (McLeod & Reisig, 2011).

Finding Trolls: Trolls frequent platforms with low entry barriers. Watch for comments with high “Like” or “Dislike” counts, often containing provocations.

Community Protection:

A positive community can minimize trolling impact (Suler, 2007). Block trolls and report to platforms to warn others.

Cases: Troll attacks include the “Gamergate” debacle where numerous trolls targeted female gamers and journalists, causing widespread attention.

Countermeasures: Remain respectful and ignore provocations. Block trolls and report incidents to platforms. Engage positively with other users.

Summary: Trolling is a growing trend, awareness of its negative impact is increasing (Moloney, 2015).

Stay cautious online and defend against trolls.


1. What’s the difference between bullies and trolls? Bullies focus on consistent targets based on power imbalance while trolls post provocative content to disrupt conversations or cause chaos.
2. How can I protect my children from trolls? Use parental controls, teach online safety, and encourage open communication.