Wie man verfärbte Füllungen aufhellt

Title: Practical Tips to Brighten Discolored Fillings: Identify Causes and Consider Professional Whitening

Filling discoloration can be a common issue for many individuals, affecting both the appearance of their teeth and their overall confidence. In this article, we’ll discuss practical tips on how to identify causes of filling discoloration and explore professional whitening options for restoring tooth brilliance.

Identifying the Cause:

Filling discoloration is often caused by external influences such as food and drinks. Dr. Müller, a renowned dentist, explains that "acidic and sugary foods and beverages, certain medications, or simply aging can lead to filling discoloration." Anne, a patient who struggled with yellowing fillings due to her coffee and red wine consumption, is an excellent example of this phenomenon.

Foods and Beverages:

To reduce the risk of filling discoloration, consider limiting your intake of acidic and sugary items or brushing your teeth immediately after consuming them. By doing so, you’ll minimize the amount of time these substances have contact with your teeth and fillings.

Professional Whitening:

When at-home remedies aren’t enough to restore filling brilliance, opt for professional whitening treatments performed by dental professionals. Sarah, a certified dental hygienist, highlights the benefits of these treatments: "Professional whitening offers significant improvements in removing deep stains and restoring natural tooth brilliance to both teeth and fillings."


  1. Is it safe to whiten my fillings?



    Professional whitening is considered safe for both teeth and fillings. However, always consult with your dentist to ensure the best outcome for your specific case.

  2. How long does a whitening treatment take?


    The duration of a whitening treatment varies depending on the extent of discoloration and the method used by your dentist. Some treatments may only require one visit, while others may involve multiple sessions for optimal results.

  3. Can I whiten my fillings at home?


    Home kits can be effective in addressing mild stains, but professional treatments are recommended for more significant discoloration to ensure the best possible outcome.