Wie schreibt man „Alex“ in Kursivschrift?

This article explores why and how we write the name "Alex" uniquely in cursive script (Kurzschrift), a handwriting style that connects letters.

  1. History of "Alex": The name "Alex" originated from Greek as "Alexandros," meaning "defender of the people." Its distinctive cursive form is a nod to its historical significance.
  2. Consistent Writing Style: From ancient manuscripts to modern calligraphy, the way we write "Alex" has remained remarkably consistent throughout history.
  3. Examples: Fascinating examples of this unique writing style can be traced from historical texts to contemporary artwork.

  4. New Techniques: Modern calligraphers continue exploring new ways to express "Alex" in cursive script, resulting in innovative techniques.
  5. Expert Insights: Experts agree that the distinctiveness of writing "Alex" in cursive script showcases its rich history and cultural significance.


  1. Some names are written differently in Kurzschrift due to their unique origins or phonetics.
  2. The name "Alex" comes from Greek origin, translating to "defender of the people."
  3. The way we write "Alex" has changed very little over time, showcasing its consistency and historical significance.
  4. Famous individuals named Alex include Alex Trebek, Alex Morgan, and Alex Turner.
  5. Yes, learning to write "Alex" in Kurzschrift is possible with practice and dedication.