Wie verkündet Jesus Christus den Ruf zur Barmherzigkeit?

In our busy world, forgetfulness and self-centeredness can easily take the forefront.

But what if we learned how Jesus calls us to mercy?

In this article, we share a personal experience and explore how understanding this message can change our perspective on life.

Jesus, the Merciful Savior: "Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy" (Matthew 5:7). Jesus calls us to better living through his example and words, showing us how to care for others and forgive.

A Life-Changing Experience: We recall an encounter with a destitute man where we shared our bread and time. This small gesture transformed not only his life but ours as well.

Global Emergency of Mercy:

The world faces a crisis of mercy. We can all contribute to spreading this message and understanding society better.

A Lifelong Process:

Understanding mercy is a lifelong process that challenges us and invites us to follow Jesus’ example.

Food for Thought: How can we commit to mercy and improve our understanding of society?

What can we do daily to promote compassion in our world?


1. What is mercy? Mercy means caring for others with love and understanding.
2. How can I be merciful? Be merciful by giving time, attention, and gifts to others.
3. Why is mercy important? Mercy improves society and brings happiness to others.