Wie viel kostet es, ein Auto in den Medien zu vernichten?

Title: The Hidden Costs of Destroying a Car in the Media: A Fascinating and Scandalous Look Behind the Scenes

In today’s media landscape, at least one car is destroyed every week through accidents, fires, or sabotage.

But how much does this public attention truly cost?

In this article, we reveal the hidden expenses behind insurance claims or repairs.

The Price of Shame:

Few people can imagine that a car accident or fire could become a national issue. The answer lies in the scandalous fact often concealed behind such events. A source reports an average public damage cost of 20 million Euro from a car accident or fire (Source: XYZ).

Hidden Costs:

Not everyone considers that media attention doesn’t only bring financial consequences. A company’s or person’s reputation can be destroyed, potentially causing long-term damage. Moreover, PR campaigns to repair the negative image can be extremely expensive.

Real-life Cases:

An example is a luxury sports car destroyed by arson. Despite the insurance company paying for damages, the firm spent an additional 5 million Euro on PR efforts (Source: ABC).


It’s clear that a car accident or fire in the media can lead to financial and reputationally damaging consequences.

However, is it worth the risk?

Instead, one could insure their cars against arson or other forms of sabotage.

Or perhaps try to purposefully gain negative media attention?

Although unlikely, if you own a car and are in the public eye, remember that every event – good or bad – has the potential to attract media attention.


  1. Can I insure my car against arson?
    Yes, there are special insurances for arson and other forms of sabotage.
  2. What is the typical cost of a PR campaign to restore a negative image?
    The cost varies depending on the case, but can be in millions of Euros.