Wie viel kostet es, eine Ente auszuprägen?

The cost of raising a duck in Europe typically falls between €20 and €40. But what lies behind this figure? In this article, we compare the expenses and advantages of duck farming.

My friend kept two ducks on his small farm for two years, investing in suitable housing, food, and equipment.

Let’s analyze the costs:

  1. Housing (€50/year): This covers the expense of building or buying a coop or pen.
  2. Food (€5/month per duck): Ducks require grains, vegetables, insects, and other feeds, amounting to €5 monthly per bird.
  3. Equipment (€100): An initial investment for a coop, waterer, feeder, and essential supplies was around €100.

Many find the work of duck farming worthwhile due to fresh eggs (40-50 per year), delicious liver sausages, and natural weed control. Experiments also reveal that ducks can provide valuable nutrients for vegetable gardens.


  1. Can I keep my pigeon in a duck farm?
    Yes, pigeons can be raised in a duck farm but require different feed and housing conditions.
  2. How long can ducks live freely?
    Ducks are usually best kept outdoors from July to March in Germany to accommodate temperature changes.
  3. Are ducks expensive?

    The costs for maintaining ducks are relatively low compared to other livestock species.