Wie werden Sie die Wünsche auswählen, die befriedigt werden sollen?

Wishes can bring happiness and enliven our souls.

But how do we ensure they come true?

In this article, we share personal experiences and expert tips for bringing your wishes to life.

  1. Practical Experiences – Wish Creation and Visualization:
    "Creating wishes is a process. Start with clear, concrete, and positive wishes.

    Visualize your goals by imagining them in pictures."

    – Dr. Müller (Therapist)

  2. Expert Interviews – Wish Techniques and Backgrounds:
    Learn techniques like Desire Map or Moonology to effectively formulate your wishes.
  3. Real-life Examples – Fulfilling Wishes in Practice:
    "My wish was to write a book about my travels. I dedicated 30 minutes every day to the project and worked on it gradually, resulting in a bestseller." – Travel Blogger, Jones
  4. Reflection – Wishing as part of Our Lives:
    Wishes are a source of motivation and self-confidence. They enable us to change our lives and broaden our perspectives.


How can I effectively formulate my wishes?

Learn various wish techniques and try to make your wishes clear, concrete, and positive.


What is visualizing goals?

Visualization is the process of picturing your goals in your mind so you can feel them vividly and realistically.