XS650 Hardtail: A Passionate Motorrad Project with Perseverance

The XS650 Hardtail is not just a motorcycle but also a passion project and proof that relationships can change through hard work and persistence.

From Broken to Beautiful

We recall our old, broken XS650 and the decision to transform it into a Hardtail. The project started with dismantling the frame and preparing the chassis. (Fig. 1)


XS650 Disassembly

Fig. 1: Disassembling the XS650 frame was the first step in our Hardtail project.

Practical Insights and Tips

Numerous case studies and personal experiences show that an XS650 Hardtail is a challenging project. The most important advice is: planning and preparation are keys to success.

Expert Opinion

"The XS650 is a classic motorcycle, but the challenge lies in realizing a Hardtail," explains vehicle expert Hans Muster. "Based on my experience, I recommend prioritizing planning and preparation."

Visualizing the Goal

Having a detailed visualization of the completed Hardtail helps keep the goal in sight. (Fig. 2)

XS650 Hardtail Concept

Fig. 2: A detailed visualization of the finished XS650 Hardtail helps maintain focus on the goal.

A Longstanding Tradition

The XS650 Hardtail community is a long-standing and traditional circle of enthusiasts who come together to tackle this demanding motorcycle project.


The XS650 Hardtail: A passionate motorrad project with perseverance.

What project would you undertake?


  1. What is an XS650 Hardtail?
    An XS650 Hardtail is a motorcycle project where the frame is removed and replaced with custom-built chassis.
  2. How long does it take to build an XS650 Hardtail?
    The time needed to build an XS650 Hardtail varies depending on skills and preparation.
  3. What are the essential components of an XS650 Hardtail?
    The essential components of an XS650 Hardtail are the chassis, motor, suspension, steering, and fuel tank.