Cinta Warframe, wie man hinkommt

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What is Cinta Warframe?

Cinta Warframe, or “China International Talent Introduction and Training Base for Warframe,” is an official program by Digital Extremes, the studio behind Warframe. It offers Chinese players opportunities to enhance their skills in this engaging team-shooter and collaborate with other gamers.

Why is Cinta Warframe important?

“Cinta Warframe grants our Chinese players a chance to play with top players worldwide and work together on new strategies and tactics for the game,” explains Digital Extremes’ Chief Developer. Cinta Warframe lets you improve gaming experiences, build relationships, and elevate your gameplay level!

What does “hinkommen” mean in Cinta Warframe?

“Hinkommen” refers to progress and achievements made during your membership in the program, encompassing aspects like performance or social connections.

Personal Experiences: How I advanced with Cinta Warframe!

“As a new player overwhelmed by Warframe’s complexity and challenges, I joined Cinta Warframe and met experienced players. Now, I’m one of the best in my clan,” shares an enthusiastic member.

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