Destiny 2 hing an der Jury, wie man dorthin kommt

Destiny 2 immerses players in a thrilling space odyssey with expansive online shooter gameplay. Players traverse planets, face formidable enemies, and now, thanks to the latest expansion, The Jury, they can experience real space travel.

**Exploring the Cosmos with Destiny 2: The Jury**

The Jury expansion offers new content and mechanics, enabling players to journey into space itself. New planets, monsters, and challenges await, refining skills gained through planetary exploration.

Preparing for Interstellar Expeditions

To embark on space voyages, equip inventories with essential items like new weapons, armor, and Jump Drives for faster planetary transits.

The Wonders of Space

What makes The Jury unique is the ability to travel through space, encountering new monsters and challenges. This expansion requires both "Season of Arrivals" and "Season of the Chosen" add-ons to access its content.

Embark on Your Interstellar Adventure

In this brief overview, we’ve introduced you to Destiny 2: The Jury’s interstellar adventures.

Join us as we explore the cosmos and encounter new threats!


  1. How do I obtain The Jury add-on?
    • It is included in the Destiny 2: Beyond Light Expansion, available on various platforms.
  2. Are "Season of Arrivals" and "Season of the Chosen" required for The Jury?
    • Yes, both add-ons are necessary to access The Jury content.
  3. Can I travel in space with other players?
    • Yes, different game modes enable cooperative interstellar adventures.